Welcome to Allelu!

Newly revised and updated, Allelu! is a Catholic early childhood religion curriculum for ages 3 through kindergarten. It is intended for use in parishes, schools, and at home.

About Allelu

Developmentally Appropriate, Active Learning Methodology

Developed by a team of early childhood experts, including a child psychologist, Allelu! uses techniques that speak best to young children – hands-on, active learning, multisensory approaches. Consistent with current research on best practices in early childhood education, Allelu! is the only systematic, comprehensive preschool and kindergarten program with a child-initiated activity in every lesson. And it’s easily adaptable to a blended learning or center-based preschool model.

Relational Focus

Because early childhood years are a critical period for the growth of attachment and relationship, children’s religious education during these years should focus on introducing them to Jesus and the Christian community. Through a carefully-crafted, Christocentric scope and sequence, Allelu! intentionally focuses on helping young children form a relationship with Christ and his Church.

Ritual Experiences

Knowing Jesus is more than simply knowing about Jesus. Both religious educators and sociologists highlight the importance of ritual in helping young learners internalize their faith. Allelu! uses ritual experiences to immerse children in the mystery and beauty of Catholicism.

Family Connection

Allelu! involves families in practical ways by integrating with the family meal using the unique placemat-style take-home pages. Parents are given easy-to-implement action steps for reinforcing what kids have learned in Allelu! Sessions.

Use of Music and Movement to Increase Retention of Lessons

The Allelu! soundtrack includes a song that summarizes the main point of every lesson so kids can remember and share what they learn. Additional music and movement activities are included throughout the program.

5-Day Lesson Plan for Catholic Schools and Preschools

Allelu! was written with schools in mind, and includes more activity options than any other preschool and kindergarten religion program available in order to accommodate the increased religion class time in weekday settings.